Wine Room Location

Locating your home wine room

Not just for cellars—kitchens, dining rooms and media rooms can all provide excellent spaces for a wine room.

Deciding the best location for your home wine room requires consideration of a number of factors.
Firstly, the volume of wine you wish to store may have a significant impact on its location. Many people consider utilising residual alcoves and niches at home, however, such spaces rarely provide the amount of storage necessary for a moderate collector.
If you are looking for a climate controlled cabinet, you may consider the far end of an existing room, such as a kitchen, dining room, cinema room or hallway for the purpose.
However, if you wish to see your wine collection stored on two or more walls with space for you to move between the racking, you will want to find space that will create an entirely separate room for the purpose. If you are re-furbishing your home, the layout of the space may be re-considered to allow for a separate wine room.
It is important to consider the site of the wine room. Walls can be insulated against external temperatures, however underfloor heating and walls with chimneys on the other side should be avoided for obvious reasons. Modern climate control, both temperature and humidity, mean that the vast majority of wine rooms are actively controlled and can exist perfectly well in the home.
If you are considering a basement conversion, please see our page on basements and visit the website of our sister company, BasementWorks. We have extensive experience of designing basements with integral wine rooms.

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