Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning a basement conversion you may have some questions in mind. We’ve put together a list of some of the things we are frequently asked by our customers

I've found a few companies on line who offer wine storage solutions. Why would I come to you for my project?

London Wine Rooms is unique in many ways, not least that fact that we are part of a larger, high end specialist refurbishment company, OLBC. This means that our experience extends to designing and delivering the highest quality interiors throughout the home, and our wine cellar division benefits from all this accumulated wealth of expertise.
We also love wine and have learn a considerable amount from wine growers in France on how best to store wines in the home. Our designs are truly custom designed from the start—we do not simply design a wine room by tesselating standard pieces of racking—this is a made to measure wine room, which is not the same.

What warrantees do you offer?

We offer a ten-year warrantee on any waterproofing work to our wine cellars and vaults, and a twelve-month warrantee on our general building works. Extended warrantees can be purchased through us. Equipment is covered by separate manufactures’ warrantees and service agreements.

How long will it take to design and construct my wine room?

You should allow approximately four to eight weeks for the design of your wine room, which is highly dependent on the complexity of the design. Assuming no planning permission or Listed building consent is required, the whole process including installation should take between three to four months.

I like the ideas I've seen here but I've seen something else and have something a bit different in mind—can you help?

Of course! We would be delighted to hear your ideas and relish a new challenge. This is what sets up apart from companies that only provide ‘made-to-measure’ shelving units. We take care of everything so we can control the environment of your wine cellar and design to its best advantages.

I’m considering converting my cellar space for other uses—who do I talk to?

You should either email us or call us on the number below, as our basement conversion division is also based at our head office. If you would like to visit our major residential listed building and basement company, OLBC.

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