London Wine RoomsState of the art wine cellars for private clients.

London Wine Rooms create exceptional bespoke home wine cellars and wine storage cabinetry for collectors and enthusiasts of wine. Our home wine cellars are the perfect blend of our constructional experience and respect for clients' individuality—our wine cellars are unique to each client; and our ethos is to deliver each brief beyond expectations.

We cover the design of the space in intricate detail, including flooring, decor, doors, glazing, lighting etc. as well as the bespoke cabinetry, itself designed exacting around the type of wine it will house.

Not only are our racking systems unique, but also the breadth of our construction service sets us apart from the field. London Wine Rooms is part of the OLBC Group which specialises in basement conversions and whole house refurbishments within London. As a boutique independent contractor, our wide-ranging knowledge of domestic renovation from excavation and underpinning to waterproofing and temperature control means there are no loose ends in the planning and delivery of your home wine room.

Above all else a London Wine Rooms wine cellar has to reflect the clients' lifestyle and collection of wine—it should be a place where you can take great pleasure in your love of wine, secured in optimum conditions.

Please take a closer look at the services we offer and take inspiration from our designs. We look forward to finding out how you would like us to design your own wine room.

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