The American wine room


The American wine roomA traditional and highly practical design for maximum capacity

So called for its origin of design, where the modern home wine cellar really took off, the American maximises storage capacity with a complex design of bins and shelves designed to fit the specific types of wine collected by bottle and box size. This design works well in any environment, and is very popular in our basement conversions.

This one is designed to house 15 bottles of Bordeaux perfectly, and two wooden boxes of the same below. Not an inch of space is wasted, which enhances the smartness of appearance.

The shelf barely impedes the storage area but provides the perfect ledge to open boxes, stand bottles prior to decanting and store wine books.

If you would like to find out more about the American wine room please contact us and we will arrange to visit your home to discuss your requirements in detail.

Wine room designs

These styles represent a guide to what is possible, however we are delighted to discuss any ideas you might have for your wine room. Please call us today to discuss your requirements.