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After taking a brief on your storage and style requirements, we will sketch out our ideas for further discussion, and show you images and samples of materials to assist in the selection process.

When we have successfully defined the specification accurate plans will be drawn up for construction and installation. As well as the racking itself, we will discuss floor and wall treatments, lighting, temperature control systems and door styles. Final details include ironmongery, artwork, and any other items or equipment you may require.

Materials frequently used for wine racking

Wood—The majority of our clients have bespoke joinery grade timber racking catering for box, bin and individual bottle storage according to predicted bottle type.

Glass—Bonded glass shelves are a real design and display statement. A lot of our clients have a double glazed viewing wall into the cellar too.

Metal Display—metal can be very effective for display racks in the wine cellar.

Metal Utility—an excellent utility solution for a really large wine cellar or if you have a back room to your wine cellar for large stocks of every day drinking wine or wines which are not ready. Racking used in this way can be very cost effective and quick to construct.

Stone—York stone shelving is a traditional solution and looks magnificent. It adds thermal mass, as the stone is heavy, as well as humidity stabilising effects, as it is porous.

Concrete—A concrete racking system to a wine cellar is a modern, striking take on a stone cellar with all the advantages above.

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